"I see a boat on the river"
Kuddls Songbook
(c)Ralph Steinführer

A sailor in the prairie
Das Chianti-Lied
Dead Calm
Die Schlange von Loch Ness
De Hamborger Veermaster
Een lütt Hus achtern Diek
I see a boat on the river
Kari waits for me
Kleine Seemannsbraut
Lady Passat
La Paloma
Lasst die Finger von den schönen Senoritas
Mary Ann
My bonny is over the ocean
Oh, Billy don't go ashore
Rolling Home
Sloop John B.
Un denn seilt wi so langsom rund Kap Horn
Whisky for my Johnny
Wo de Ostseewellen trecken an den Strand

He left on a boat just to follow a dream he had to find.
You cant hold a man when he follows a dream that's on his mind.

I see a boat on the river, it's sailing away.
Down to the ocean, where to I can't say.

She waited for him such a very long time, don't know what for.
'Cause she should have known, when he left on the boat, they'll meet no more.

There were people who came and said it's really a shame,
why did he take off to follow just a dream.
But I guess they were wrong, in life you're sailing along
and things don't turn out as simple as they seem.