"Kari waits for me"
Kuddls Songbook
(c)Ralph Steinführer

A sailor in the prairie
Das Chianti-Lied
Dead Calm
Die Schlange von Loch Ness
De Hamborger Veermaster
Een lütt Hus achtern Diek
I see a boat on the river
Kari waits for me
Kleine Seemannsbraut
Lady Passat
La Paloma
Lasst die Finger von den schönen Senoritas
Mary Ann
My bonny is over the ocean
Oh, Billy don't go ashore
Rolling Home
Sloop John B.
Un denn seilt wi so langsom rund Kap Horn
Whisky for my Johnny
Wo de Ostseewellen trecken an den Strand

Kari waits for me at home, oh Kari waits for me.
I see her standing there beside the restless sea.
Kari waits for me at home, tho' I must sail the sea.
I'm a sailor born to roam, while Kari waits for me.

Many girls in far off lands have many charms to see.
They'll not wear my golden bands, while Kari waits for me.
Let me ride the homeward winds that carry me to shore,
till the day when I can hold my Kari, Kari-girl once more.

Blow ye trade winds, fill the sails, oh blow, ye trade winds blow!
Blow thro' the stormy gales and homeward we will go.
Homeward to the snowcapped mountains rising from the sea,
homeward to the land, I love, where Kari waits for me,